List of Clubs

Paul Laurence Dunbar Middle School offers students the opportunity to participate in a number of clubs and activities:

Art Club Battle of the Books Drama Club Eagles Nest (Spirit Club) Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Environmental Club Geography Club German Club Intramural Sports Math Team
NJHS Student Council Super Study Chess Club Minecraft
Student Mentor Junior Cadets Youth in Government Minecraft Club

Student Council

The PLDMS Student Council is a representative group of 6th - 8th grade students who meet regularly and share in the life of the school. The purpose of Student Council is to provide a venue for students to talk about real problems, discuss possible solutions, and help plan, organize, and implement ideas for the continuous improvement of the school. Representatives are elected from each Social 

Youth in Government

Youth in Government is a program which allows students to participate in an interactive experience with government. Students will write bills to address state and local problems, and then debate those bills in a mock legislature.


National Junior Honor Society

Membership is both an honor and a responsibility. It is open to all students who choose to apply themselves and consequently meet the criteria established in the five goal areas. Members are involved throughout the year in activities such as: school fund raisers, coordinating canned food drives, and organizing school dances to enhance school spirit.


Super Study

Super Study Sessions are offered during our After School Programs. These sessions are designed to assist any student who would like academic support outside of the regular school day. Additionally, these sessions reinforce good study habits and organization.


Math Club

PLDMS Math team is an award winning team of students who meet  each week and solve challenging advanced level math problems that enrich learning and personal development.  Students compete for team and individual awards against twenty other middle schools from across the South West Florida Region.


Minecraft Club

An informal group of avid video gamers meets almost every morning in the Media Center.  Up to 40 gamers participate in collaborative play and competitive problem solving, while other students take advantage of the open Media Center to check out books or complete homework projects.


Cadet Club

The Cadet Program is operated by the School Resource Officer and the Youth Services Division of the Lee County Sheriff’s Office. Each Cadet will have a clear understanding and commitment of the Cadet Program as it pertains to school involvement, safety patrol and overall strong character building process for the future. The Program introduces each Cadet to essential education on drugs, violence, gangs, crime prevention/intervention, dealing with bullying, peer pressure/conflict as well as responsibility.


Peer Mediation

Peer Mediation is a program that is designed to promote cooperative equitable relationships among adolescents. The process of peer mediation is designed to help students learn how to:

  • Defuse conflict, manage anger, and  communicate
  • Share their feelings in a positively, structured way
  • Listen to other people’s feelings
  • Self-sufficiently cope with their own problems
Agents of Peace
Agents of Peace

Peer mediation helps students learn communication skills that are reverent to their lives both in and out of the classroom. It also prepares students to achieve at higher levels so that they can become lifelong learners. The program helps the school create a caring and intellectual climate with supportive relationships throughout the school. It also allows students to feel as if they are taking part in the school to help create a safe and healthy environment for all the students in the school. 

Definition of Terms

Mediation: A conflict resolution option in which one or more neutral students (mediators) guide disputants through a process, the intent of which is to help them reach a mutually satisfactory agreement.

Peer Mediator: A student who has been trained to help fellow students resolve disputes by acting as a neutral and presiding over the mediation process.

Program Coordinator: Mrs. Cherbini- A person who coordinates the daily operations of a peer mediation program. 


Applications can be obtained in the Front Office and Guidance