What is TAG?

The Talented and Gifted Program at PLDMS, an Academically Challenging Curriculum to Enhance Learning (ACCEL) system, combines students with Gifted eligibility through their Educational Plan (EP) and students identified as “Talented” through an application process that occurs before entering 6th grade.  Through the TAG program, students can earn high school credits while in Middle School including Algebra, Geometry, and Spanish, as well as, Technology certifications.


Application Process

Gifted students are automatically enrolled in the program.  Incoming 6th Graders earning a level 4 or higher on both Reading and Math standardized tests are prime candidates for TAG, and are strongly encouraged to apply.  Student standardized test scores, as well as math and writing assessments, are reviewed by our Leadership team for acceptance into the program.  At times, through Elementary School recommendation, Level 3 students may be eligible to enter. Talk to an administrator for more details.


Academics in TAG

Teachers in the TAG program are Gifted certified, and use some of the most innovative and creative methods available to educators. TAG students participate in Science Fair in all three grades and History Fair in 7th and 8th grade. TAG students choose exploratory and enrichment courses from all offerings, and are encouraged to participate in the Arts, Technology and Robotics programs.


All TAG students are eligible to be on the PLDMS FastTrack Math track (see below) – a math sequence taught by a math teacher who “loops” with students for three years.  Students may be required to take a math placement assessment to determine readiness for the FastTrack Math track.

6th Grade 7th Grade 8th Grade
Math 2 Adv Algebra I Geometry

Minimum Requirements to stay in the Program

Students in TAG are held to the highest standard.  Students must maintain a quarterly “B” average in each of these highly-rigorous academic classes. Students not achieving the standard may be placed on a probationary status.  Fluctuation in FSA performance from year-to-year will be handled on an individual basis.


All TAG students agree to sign a “TAG Contract” that includes requirements for academic, attendance, and behavioral excellence.  A quarterly review of information related to the expectations may result in probation, or removal from the program.